Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Re-design for a friend

I'm not sure if you remember but I posted this photo a couple of weeks back. My lovely, adoring friend saw this and asked me over the weekend if he could borrow them. The fact is I hadn't finished them because I couldn't decide on whether to attach a ribbon or a clasp. He wants to wear them to a wedding with his suit and I was just thrilled in the fact that he liked one of my designs! It's one of the most flattering things that I've experienced. Someone admiring your work and actually wanting to wear it!! I was sure to finish them ASAP. I changed them a little as I wasn't really happy with the choice of colours. I sent my friend a photo and he just loves them!! Thank God!!! Here is a couple of shots; one in the making and the final piece. What are your thoughts??

I think he is going to look super cute with these on. I'll be sure to get some shots of him wearing them, he is such a spunk and uber-cool, he is so ahead of his time. Can't wait to get some photos of him all dressed up. Stay tuned...

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