Monday, 10 September 2012

Love: Desire: Passion

This time of year everyone seems to be enjoying life. It's like we have been reborn again. Coming out of hibernation, winter is over and spring has sprung. This season there are so many vibrant colours, neon is perhaps getting a little over splashed however it does make life seem a little bit more happier. Why not be a little playful with our accessories. All the fun colours popping out at you. It feels so fresh to see fashion progress in a more colourful, playful kind of way.  These beads are subtly different to my previous design. No two necklaces are ever the same all are unique. I think this would look hot with a little beach dress or I wear mine with a plane white T-shirt, a great way to spunk up your wardrobe!!
Hope you all had a great weekend xx

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